About School

Central  School for Tibetans- Herbertpur stands committed to provide Value-Based Quality Education of Global standards to its students. We are aware that our country is the land of a very diverse and rich cultural heritage. With the advent of modern science and technology, a sea change has taken place in our society. The most alarming fact of this rapidly changing social scenario is the rapid deterioration of human values in all spheres of human activity. The need of the hour, is to provide an educational system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation without distorting our value system.


  • CST-H is under the CTSA which is an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India. The main objective of this institution is to run, manage and assist educational institutions, set up for the Education of Tibetan children living in India and also to preserve and promote their culture.
  • CST-H was handed over to the CTSA by the SFF on 23rd July 1994. It is situated 35 km away from Dehradun towards the West at an ideal place in Uttarakhand where the scenic splendour and sylvan beauty of the Nature entice every visitor beyond measure. Here, the children are being nurtured enamouredly with great care by the veteran teaching fraternity so that they may blossom to the fullest and spread their fragrance and essence of their goodness all around.
  • The school has an ideal building to cater to the educational and sportive needs of the students so that they may grow intellectually with positive bent of mind. It has a Gompa for prayer, Library worth 6500 books, spacious laboratories of Physics, Chemistry & Biology, MLL, Resource centre, Computer room with 33 Computers, Children’s Park, Sports Room with modern equipments, M/D Room, BS&G, Maths lab, Open Maths lab, Geography Room, Clean lavatories for staff & children, Drawing Room, Tibetan Library, SUPW Rooms (tailoring for girls & wood craft for boys), well equipped office, Principal’s chamber & a big playground etc.
  •  The School also has a Herbal garden, House gardens, Lichi orchard, Badminton Court, Basketball Court & Volleyball Court. SciencePark, BS & G Park are also coming up in good shape.
  •  The school has hostel facilities only for the wards of SFF children where boys & girls are residing in a relaxed ambience with all the facilities viz. MI room, CSD Canteen ,STD Booth, Wet Canteen, RO Water, Library, Sports facilities, Hair Cutting Saloon, Washermen, Tailoring shop etc. The SFF staff & MTS staff look after the children very well. 
  •  The school also has day scholars viz. Indian & Tibetan both and this helps the students in social mingling to understand each other’s culture.
  •  Besides, the walls are fully decorated with catchy graffities, slogans, posters, thoughts, pictures, traffic symbols etc.
  • The school is thankful to the Hon’ble Sh. Vineet Joshi (IAS), Director CTSA, Sh A.S.Rawat,EO,  Dr.Rajeshwari Rana , EO and Dr.Renu Pant,EO CTSA HQrs. Delhi for  their guidance, sagacious suggestions and support.
  • The School is also indebted to the Hon’ble Secretary DOE Dharamsala and the Education Officers for their unflinching co-operation in running the school machinery smoothly. Owing to this reason the children of this school  are reaping rich dividends in myriad dimensions by bringing kudos and glory in the domain of academic pedagogy in order to bring a catacismic change in academic arena.